At United Way the Eastern Panhandle, we are committed to building a stronger, more vibrant community. That starts with our children. We know what happens in the early years is an important part of their foundation for success in school, work and life.

That’s why education is one of our priorities. We know it’s a priority for the Eastern Panhandle. Whether you ask employers, or educators, or parents – they'll tell you that our greatest community resource is our children.

United Way supports a wide variety of programs, partners agencies and initiatives to give children a great start.

United Way works with partners, schools, child care providers, preschools and afterschool care providers to help children start school ready to succeed.

We promote grade-level reading by nurturing school-community partnerships, empowering parent advocates, and developing essential resources that serve both children and their families.

We invest in nonprofit organizations that holistically address education and literacy. Our funded partners work to strengthen academic success for students across the Eastern Panhandle.