About Us

Our vision is that of an improved community that fosters hope, opportunity and prosperity for everyone. We are building partnerships across the Eastern Panhandle to make our community better and stronger. We share a passion to make a difference – to focus on the building blocks of education, income and health to improve our community and build stronger foundations for everyone.

Our Mission

To inspire and mobilize our community to create change. Together we will Give, Advocate, and Volunteer to improve Education, Health, and Financial Stability.

Our Vision

We envision an improved community that fosters hope, opportunity, and prosperity for everyone.


The United Way movement started over 128 years ago in Colorado when interested citizens developed a central, volunteer-driven organization and process to evaluate their community’s growing Charitable needs. A trophy in our possession notes a date of 1928 celebrating the conduct of a Martinsburg Community Fund Campaign. Pictures and minute books note the later founding of our other county United Ways. These items are a testament to the long history of the United Way in the Eastern Panhandle. In one form or another, United Way has been making a difference in the lives of Eastern Panhandle citizens for over eighty years.